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COVID Education at Guess

Amerigroup is partnering with Communities in Schools to conduct a number of health education programs throughout Beaumont ISD, which started with Guess Elementary on September 16, 2021.

Two PowerPoint presentations were developed for grades Pre-K–2 and 3-5 that helped to guide a discussion about COVID-19. Videos provided age appropriate, factual information to provide students with a better understanding about the pandemic.

“Students were really engaged in the discussions and also shared personal stories about how they or their families had been affected,” said Carlene Womack, Amerigroup Community Relations Representative. “They were excited about being invited to join our Super Heroes COVID Squad and being assigned a mission to share what they learned with others.”  

The presentation included a discussion about “antibodies” and how the body creates them as a defense mechanism when a person becomes infected with a virus or is immunized against a virus.

Amerigroup and Communities in Schools feel the presentation is important because all students need to be educated and provided the facts about COVID-19, how it spreads and steps they can take to better protect themselves and their families.

“Young people are good with getting their parents and other adults on board,” said Womack. “I believe the students’ involvement in sharing information about prevention will have a positive impact.”