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Students Explore Career Paths at CTE Roadshow

The Career and Technical Education Department has hit the road with a traveling presentation introducing students to different career pathways. 

“Career awareness promotes self-awareness from an early age as children learn about their abilities, their interests and their strengths,” said Shamine Cormier, K-8 Career Readiness Specialist. My goal is to help students explore their interests, develop as a leader and discover their potential. Students can ask questions that matter to them, which makes the learning more tangible and provides insight to various career paths.”

The purpose of the CTE Roadshow is to help students discover which BISD Program of Study best aligns with their interests. A program of study is a comprehensive, structured approach for delivering academic and career and technical education to prepare students for postsecondary education and career success. Cormier and her team set up interactive presentations for students to get hands-on looks and explore career fields, starting off with video production, design and multimedia arts.

“Students participated in interactive, hands-on activities designed around filmmaking and animation and were able to create a short film,” said Cormier. “This opportunity challenged students to move beyond their comfort zone and develop their leadership potential. The students become photographers, light technicians, directors, actors, models and editors. They worked together to create a product.”

Upcoming months include plant and animal science, law enforcement, culinary arts, healthcare, military, interviewing and employability skills, diesel and heavy equipment, automotive repair, maritime and business management.

"Exploring careers should not be limited to a day nor to age, rather woven into every aspect throughout the school day beginning in elementary," said Cormier. “Starting this conversation early expands students' vision of possibilities while encouraging them to set personal goals. It also helps connect what they are learning to the real world, giving this knowledge more context and answering the question: ‘Why do we have to learn this?’”