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Blanchette’s Parking Lot Bingo Encourages a Love of Reading

Blanchette Elementary hosted Bingo for Books on October 12, 2021, in the gym parking lot for parents and students. 

The event included students from the Afterschool Centers on Education program who joined in the fun. To announce the winner, parents honked their horns to say "bingo."   

"There is an undeniable power in reading a book," said Blanchette Principal April Johnston. "It allows you to learn something new and travel the world with just the turn of a page." 

Blanchette's parents and students had the opportunity to participate in four different bingo games. All student winners earned books of their choice as a prize. Students earned a snow cone for participating in the event and left with a book of their choice. They were encouraged to read a minimum of 20 minutes daily, take an Accelerated Reader test and earn a score of 85 or better. 

"Here at Blanchette, we are fostering a love and commitment for reading," said Johnston.

During the event, students chanted the campus reading mantra: "Readers Are Leaders and Leaders Are Readers."