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Block Out Bullying

Beaumont ISD campuses hosted events, presentations, dress up days and other activities to inform students about the dangers of bullying.

National Stop Bullying Day is held annually on the second Wednesday in October. The designation promotes standing up against and putting an end to bullying. October is also World Bullying Prevention Month, which encourages communities to #BlueUp together and makes it the month that bullying prevention is a worldwide observation.

Vincent Middle School hosted a Block Out Bullying Rally in front of the campus. Counselors Britney Romar and Sara Manuel put the event together as a way for the community to stand in solidarity to block out bullying. The presentation included student reflections from the theater arts department, a choir performance and words of encouragement from Raymond Jackson, Restorative Discipline Coach. In conclusion, students, staff and parents lit candles together to seal the pack to work together.

"In order to be successful in today's world, students need to feel safe both physically and emotionally," said Manuel. "School should be a safe place."

Charlton-Pollard Elementary showed a PowerPoint presentation to all grades during their PE classes. Community in Schools Site Coordinator Destinee Simon and Counselor Yokishia Hope talked about the four types of bullying and ways to help, followed by a quick activity. 

"Students who are bullied in school carry these hurtful feelings for a long time--sometimes life.  It can have a negative impact on their academic ability because they often live in fear," said Hope. "By educating our students early, we are offering a safer learning environment and the tools necessary to build their self-esteem. At Charlton-Pollard, we're all about protecting our students and building them up for success."

Charlton-Pollard also has two bullying boxes where students can fill out a bullying report form and stick it in the box anonymously. 

"No student should be afraid to go to school or ride a bus because a classmate threatens them," said Simon. "Children who have been bullied should also feel they can report the incident without repercussions."

Fletcher and Marshall set aside specific days and encouraged students and staff to wear blue in awareness of bullying. Homer Drive hosted an anti-bullying presentation for third through fifth-graders and Dishman conducted a National Anti-Bullying Poster Contest. The District presented a parent webinar on cyberbullying, providing resources on how to prevent it. 

October's National Bullying Prevention Month reminds us that students, parents, teachers and school administrators all play a role.