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On Wednesdays BU Wears Business Casual

Beaumont United (BU) has launched Well Dressed Wednesdays, a student activities initiative to promote professionalism amongst the student body. Students, faculty, staff, and even business partners, are encouraged to dress in professional business attire every Wednesday. 

On a Wednesday of each month, a guest speaker visits the campus to discuss a specific topic touching on entrepreneurship, how to be the change in your city, financial literacy, young professionalism and more. 

“My hope to see more and more students sign-up for our well-dressed Wednesdays guest speaking events, to teach our Timberwolves “outside of the books” knowledge they’ll need to be successful after high school,” said Chantel Douglas, BU Student Activities Director.

As the guest speaker for October, Min. Brooklyn Williams, Executive Director to Pastor John R. Adoph, discussed professional dress and self-worth.

“I wanted our young professionals to understand that clothes do not make the person, but your appearance and how you feel about yourself will definitely put you in the right direction,” said Williams. “Well Dressed Wednesday’s are simply reminding us that every outfit does not fit every occasion and we must learn to dress the part. “

The BU Key Club created a community closet last year, which partners with Communities in Schools to ensure all students who want to dress up have the ability to do so and participate. Williams donated gently used clothing to the closet to help the cause.

“What I would choose to wear is confidence, assurance, determination and affirmation,” said Williams. “When you get to school and you are confident in your classes, assured in your assignments, determined to reach your destiny and affirmed that what’s for you is for you, you’ll begin to walk and talk differently.”