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Student Leaders Meet with Superintendent

Superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen hosted a working meeting with the 2021 Superintendent’s Student Leadership Council (SSLC) to develop close relationships and receive meaningful feedback from the student population.

The SSLC consists of representatives from every high school, middle school and Paul Brown Learning Center. Allen presented academic data and information about the District to spark informed responses and for students to take back to their peers.

The SSLC also shared thoughts from their campus perspective and brainstormed ideas behind discipline issues and how to improve the District overall.

“It is incredibly important to hear the voices of our student population,” said Dr. Allen. “They have a unique point of view that only someone who walks the halls and attends the classes can provide. We received some very valuable and insightful feedback that is already being used to create positive change in BISD.”

The inaugural elementary cohort will meet with Dr. Allen on November 1.