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Building Leaders and Great Young Men at Vincent

The Great Young Men of Vincent are visiting influential leaders and meeting with mentors through the Tour of Beaumont program.

Each Friday, selected students meet influential and positive men, such as government officials, first responders, barbers, pastors, plumbers, BISD Board members, business owners, lawyers and more. After the visit at their place of employment, they enjoy lunch together, where students can ask questions and gain inspiration.


The aim and focus is to have the students develop better attitudes for school, fewer incidents of violence, to help foster a more positive attitude towards their elders and to improve relationships with their parents and, in some situations, with their grandparents. Simply on how to be respectful and hard working.

The program is led by Arthur Louis Jr., who has been with Beaumont ISD for 30 years, now serving as a tutor at Vincent.

“Our students need the exposure to see the possibilities from within their own community,” said Louis. “The ultimate goal for students is for them to understand that they can become what they aspire to be in life and that it takes hard work and discipline to reach your goals.  To view other men that look like them as judges, lawyers and business owners. This is a positive intervention strategy for addressing the needs of our youth today.” 

The first set of Tour of Beaumont events for the 2022-23 school year included:

  • Terrance Reese, owner of Bimbo Bakeries USA


  • The Honorable Judge Terrence Holmes of County Court 2 and his staff


  • Celebrity Experience Owner/Barber Dre Carter


  • James Locke, owner of Redeem Remodeling and New Construction Home Builders


“I appreciate actually being considered a leader. I do it for the kids that are just looking for approval and love,” said Dre Carter, mentor. “I enjoy giving back because I know one day they will do the same and that is gratifying in itself.”


“This is not a one-time meeting. The mentors will encourage our Great Young Men of Vincent and share with them the pathways to success,” said Louis. “Because now more than ever, it takes a village.”