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From Kindergarten to Botanical Garden: Regina-Howell Visits Tyrell Park

Regina-Howell kindergarteners took their first-ever field trip to the Beaumont Botanical Gardens for an up-close look at local flora and fauna. 

“Many students and parents were not aware of this beauty in our own backyards,” said Sarah Buganski, teacher. “It was awesome getting our kids out there to experience the beauty that Beaumont has to offer.”

Students received a tour of the indoor conservatory, made their way through the gardens, dug deeper into their learning with a scavenger hunt and ended with a picnic and play in the park. 

“It is so important to take learning outside for new experiences, new memories, excitement,” said Buganski. “These kids were so engaged, excited and very well behaved, more so than they would have even been for a science lesson in class. They observed so many different kinds of plants, animals, insects, even a waterfall or two–which many of our students have never seen before in person.”

Parents and families were invited to join in the experience.

“It was awesome to have parents present and involved, that was definitely the highlight for some,” said Buganski. “It was a beautiful change of scenery and a great day to take learning outside of the classroom.”