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BU Business Class Scores with the Texans

Beaumont United (BU) Business Management/Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) students visited with the Houston Texans Marketing team and experienced a football game.

Porchea Carr, BU Business Management and Practicum teacher/DECA Advisor, started a new series for her students. After reviewing the content and interview videos in iCEV (a leading online platform for Career and Technical Education), Carr felt she needed to grasp her students' attention, so she set out to connect with as many business professionals and executives as possible, starting a new venture she coined "Learn From the Executives." 

“The idea sparked after finding in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) that students should visit businesses and franchises to investigate business opportunities, are expected to identify and analyze businesses and explain operations through work-based learning,” she said. “There also is a segment in the iCEV curriculum that is dedicated to career connections.” 

The hybrid experience with the Houston Texans began when students attended a football game on October 30, 2022. On November 8, they met via Zoom with the marketing team, which consisted of Derek Beeman, Vice-President of Ticketing and Sales; Madison Holesko, Manager of Inside Sales; and Josh Curtis, Group Sales Specialist. Students asked questions about how the professionals chose their careers and the paths that led them to where they are now. 

"When you think of sports, you usually don't think about business,” said junior Lola Carr. “Now, I realize that business education brings about unlimited opportunities."

The next venture is scheduled with the Rockets Organization on November 14. Thirty-six students will travel to the Toyota Center Houston to learn from the professionals for three hours, then attend a game that night.

“My students were able to gain insight on the business of the sports industry and the careers that are available to them,” said Carr. “Leading this class is very rewarding and I love exposing my kids to business, as many don’t know all the opportunities available to them. The challenge this year is to open their minds. Every organization is a business and it’s important to have that background in whatever they decide to pursue.”