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Connecting Parents on National Parent Involvement Day

Campus Parent Liaisons

National Parental Involvement Day, held annually on the third Thursday of November, celebrates public education and honors parents who make a difference in ensuring that every student receives a quality education. 

Nearly every Beaumont ISD campus has a parent liaison that works hand-in-hand with parents to bridge the gap and connect the community together. Their goal is to host one or more parent events per month. In November, activities have included Parent Self-Serve training sessions, BINGO for Books nights, Thanksgiving luncheons and drive-through events for parents to pick up resources. 

A few parent liaisons reflected on memorable events in honor of the holiday.

“We had over 50 parents attend our ‘Book Or Treat’ to focus on learning tips being distributed and less on candy,” said Aleona Darden, Fletcher Parent Liaison. “Seeing the kids excited to read and the parents excited to know more about how that can improve their child's reading made it all worth it.” 

“My most memorable event was Earth Day, which was Regina-Howell's first event open to everyone since COVID-19. It was bring your own lunch and blanket and the weather was perfect for picnics on the lawn,” said Tatanisha Milton, Regina-Howell Parent Liaison. “Families were so excited to be invited back into the school after such a long time. Over 300 parents were in attendance and they each left with pollinator seed packets to plant their own gardens with their children and raise environmental awareness.”

“We had a huge turnout on Grandparents Day,” said Ashley Lockhart, Bingman Head Start Parent Liaison. “Many of the grandparents became volunteers and continue to help us out several times a week.”

“Our first Family Art Party was amazing. It was my first event that I planned. We had a lot of families that showed up and everyone had a great time. The Grinch even made an appearance,” said Desiree Pete, Dishman Parent Liaison. “All students left with a copy of ‘The Polar Express’ or ‘Merry Christmas, Curious George’ and parents received information on how to encourage their kids to read during their winter break.”

“My most memorable event on the campus was STAAR Loteria. Parents and students enjoyed Mexican hot chocolate and Mexican pastries while answering STAAR Math questions and playing Mexican bingo,” said Natividad Savala, Beaumont United Parent Liaison. “Students took part in the game as well as their parents, who were able to see students answer questions on the spot and race to answer the question the fastest to move on and get BINGO first.” 

Thank you to all our parent liaisons and to our parents who attend the events and stay connected with their students and the District. 

Campus Parent Liaisons:

Amelia Elementary - Shaheerah Jackson

Beaumont United High School - Natividad Savala 

Beaumont United High School - Kenya Johnson

Bingman Head Start - Ashley Lockhart 

Blanchette Elementary - Maria Mendez 

Caldwood Elementary - Gabriela Zambrano 

Charlton-Pollard Elementary - Angel Caleb 

Curtis Elementary - Cynthia Padia 

Dishman Elementary - Desiree Pete 

Early College High School - Camille Norwood 

Fletcher Elementary - Aleona Darden

Guess Elementary - LaRisha Goodman

Homer Drive Elementary - Guadalupe Muniz 

Jones-Clark Elementary - Angela Batiste 

Lucas Pre-K Center - Henrietta Savoy 

Martin Elementary - Rhonda Cannon

Regina-Howell Elementary - Tatanisha Milton 

Marshall Middle School - Brittney Ducote

Odom Academy - Shelly Henry 

Smith Middle School - Shiniqua Strother

Vincent Middle School - Jakayla Jackson

West Brook High School - Karen Harvey