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All the Stars Are Closer

The BISD Career and Technical Education Department shone a light on its finest students and staff at the 3rd Annual BISD CTE Choice Awards. Held on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, the ceremony's theme was "A Night of Stars," drawing approximately 1,000 attendees, including students, parents, teachers, district and campus administrators, community members, and business partners. 

The Beaumont Civic Center, the location of the event, was impressively transformed with elegant decor, setting the stage for an evening of recognition and revelry. Esteemed BISD CTE Director, Dr. Donna Prudhomme, expressed the significance of the occasion: "Some students in CTE classes never receive an award, so we wanted to make sure that they receive an award in an ambiance like this. Every year, it gets bigger and bigger. It means that our students are capable of earning industry-based certifications. It means that they matter. It means that we can certify our students and build that pipeline for economic growth in our community." 

With a commitment to preparing every student for success in the real world, the BISD CTE Department offers an extensive array of programs and provides more than 2500 industry-based certifications. Currently, more than 600 seniors have passed their Industry-Based Certification exams. These certifications empower students to graduate high school with valuable state and industry-based credentials, ensuring they are well-equipped for future endeavors.

Among the awards featured at the program were CTE honors cords for graduating seniors who had completed their program of study and student and staff icon awards recognizing outstanding achievement and dedication within the CTE pathway.  “This event means a lot, and I am really proud to receive this award and recognition for all of my hard work,” said Brock Byrd, BISD CTE student and winner of the CTE Student Icon Award.

Dr. Shannon Allen, BISD Superintendent, extended her gratitude to supporters of the CTE programs, emphasizing the importance of preparing students for success beyond graduation. Dr. Allen remarked, "We appreciate all of the partners and sponsors who provide internships and support the CTE programs because we want to ensure that when our kids walk across the stage, they are prepared to be successful."

The BISD CTE Choice Awards serves as an example of the District's commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and cultivating a skilled workforce poised for the challenges of tomorrow. To learn more about the BISD Career and Technical Education Department and its programs, please visit