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Can my child be disciplined if he/she is served under Section 504?

Under Section 504 students are still expected to follow the district's student code of conduct.  However, when disciplining a student under Section 504, schools must consider the relationship between the disability and the misbehavior if the student is to be removed from the regular setting for longer than 10 days.  In this case, a Section 504 committee must determine whether the student's conduct is a manifestiaiton of, or caused by, the identified disability.  If it is a manifestation, the student remains in his/her placement.  This meeting is referred to as an MDR.  If the condust is not a manifestation, the student will receive the same discipline that a non-disabled student would receive.   In cases where the student is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school, the student is not entitled to this manifestation determination.