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BU Scores Big with the Recycle-Bowl

To help protect the environment, the Beaumont United High School Student Council hosted a “Recycle-Bowl” encouraging students to reduce and reuse products to cut down on manufacturing pollution.

Student Body Parliamentarian Mckayla Rawlins said the idea was to encourage the school community to get involved with recycling. “With our week-long event, students not only get to feel good about cleaning up their community, they know they are slowly but surely making the world a healthier place,” she said. “Keeping the community clean is a beautiful thing to do.” 

The Student Council handed out informational flyers and encouraged students to make recycling drop-offs. They asked classmates to take selfies picking up trash, recycling items and shopping with reusable bags, then share the photos on the campus Instagram page using the hashtag #BURecycleBowl. 

“Recycling is important because environmental change is real. Pollution is real. We all are capable of destroying our habitat by common impulses. Let’s be that change,” Rawlins said. “Our goal is to make the ‘Recycle-Bowl’ bigger and better with growing our community to include recycling in their everyday lives and to be aware of our environment.” 

The group shared simple ways to go green include using reusable bags instead of plastic, recycling electronics, buying rechargeable batteries and using cloth napkins. “We need to realize how significant it is to keep our land spotless,” said Class President Chase Arceneaux. “We want all Beaumont United students to realize the importance of recycling and staying clean.”