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Jones-Clark Tech Club is Up to Code

Jones-Clark has formed a new tech club where students are embracing their technology and coding skills.

“With the increase of technology in society, as well in the classroom, it is important we equip the scholars with tools to be successful after graduation,” said Brendon Diaz, teacher. “We really wanted to start a coding/technology club at Jones Clark to give the scholars an opportunity to enhance their learning by having access to technology and begin to learn basic coding skills.”

The group meets virtually every Thursday and does group activities on 

“Right now, they are learning simple block coding in the club as well as being efficient in Google extensions used to complete work such as Docs, Slides, Sheets and Kami,” said  Diaz. “Once the social distancing restrictions have passed us, we will integrate this into the classroom a little more to enhance the learning environment. For now, we are just making the best of what we have.”

The group has also created floppy bird style video games, held small dance parties and performed in the Elementary Holiday Spectacular using their kits. 

“The staff is so proud of these scholars. Just three months ago, these students did not know what coding was; in that time, they have really made huge strides,” said Diaz. I would like for them to be able to enter STEM/STEAM competitions as a long-term program goal.”