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Teachers Say Yes to the Tech

Beaumont ISD Instructional Technology leaders hosted a “Say Yes to the Tech” contest for district educators to showcase their use of new software in their lessons.

Technology Support Coordinator Elaine Schumacher and Instructional Technology Coordinator Denise Shaffer kicked off a campaign to encourage teachers to use the District purchased software. Submitted entries showcased an individual's ability to use the screen recording software, Screencastomatic, to record and edit lessons to upload to Google Classroom. 

“The District purchased the software this year to give teachers a resource for virtual students, but also a great tool to use for face to face students that may miss a class for reasons such as a doctor's appointment,” said Schumacher.

“With today's technology, students don't have to miss instruction or fall behind if they are out,” she said. “Uploading lessons also gives students the chance to go back and rewatch a lesson that they may not have understood the first time.”  

Each winner received a gift bag with technology items, teaching supplies and gifts from DentaQuest, Education First Federal Credit Union, Exceptional Emergency Center and the Southeast Texas Food Bank. 

Congratulations to the following educators:

Malissa Freeman - Pietzsch MacArthur

Candace LeMasters - West Brook

Syretta Scott - West Brook

Ashley Wilbourn - Charlton Pollard

“We know teachers are having to learn new ways of working with students and we wanted to give recognition to those that are embracing new ideas and technology,” said Schumacher. 

A new “Say Yes to the Tech” competition will be hosted in January 2021.