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Charlton-Pollard’s College and Career Week Sparks Workforce Interest

Charlton-Pollard is introducing students to the future workforce by hosting a College and Career Readiness Week. 

“This was the brainchild of our Parent Involvement Coordinator Henrietta Savoy,” said Yokishia Hope, counselor “We worked together to come up with daily themes and dress days, as well as a diverse group of speakers.”

Speakers included Kayla Andresio, Physician’s Assistant at CVS Beaumont; the honorable Tom Gilliam, III, Port Arthur Precinct 8 Justice of the Peace; Rolanda Broussard-Brinson, Clinical Lab Technician at MD Anderson Cancer Center; Coach James Blanchard, Assistant Athletic Director for Scouting of the Intercollegiate Football team at Baylor University; and Ronnie Spell and Derrick Hakim, Classic Chevrolet Lab Consultants.

“Our goal was to ensure that all sexes and races were represented and we wanted our students to understand that college is not for everyone, and you can have a rewarding career and life with or without a degree,” said Hope. “Our speakers have been phenomenal, and our students have been engaged.”

At the end of each session, students were able to engage with the speakers and ask questions. 

“Thanks to BISD’s 1:1 technology initiative, our teachers have projected the speaker on the board while students follow along on their individual device,” said Hope. “Additionally, we posted the Zoom link in each classroom and invited our virtual students to participate.”