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Smith Students Enjoy Well-Deserved Horseplay

Phalen Leadership Academy at Smith Middle School partnered with Semien Stables to offer a horse ride incentive for students who exemplified good behavior and dedication in the classroom.

“I feel that rewarding positive behavior reinforces and encourages students to repeat the same behavior,” said Smith Culture and Climate Specialist Leon Phillips. “Rewarding positive behavior also fosters a sense of responsibility through the promotion of self-discipline, self-motivation and independence in our scholar community.”

Approximately 90 students attended the event and were excited to ride the horses behind the campus. “Some students had never been around horses, which made the experience even more rewarding,” said Phillips. “The staff enjoyed themselves just as much as the students.”

“I was very excited to see the beautiful horses and get an opportunity to ride them,” said eighth-grade scholar Tarryna Talley. “I'm glad Mr. Phillips was able to have this incentive for us." 

“We thank Smith Middle School for allowing us to share our love of horses with the scholars,” said Marcus Semien, representative of Semien Stables. “We were afforded the opportunity to introduce horses to these deserving scholars and for that, we are grateful. We can and will do more to impact young people in our community.”