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Dishman AFL Students Compete in Academic Bowl

Dishman Elementary students in the Academics for Life class competed in an Academic Bowl on June 3, 2021, to showcase their skills and win prizes.

Special education teacher Marva Craig, who teaches all grades, virtual and face-to-face, has been working with her students all year to prepare them for the competition, which included challenges in all five subjects. 

Students blended sounds to make words, used a word in a sentence and identified if a word was a verb or noun for the English Language Arts challenge. For Reading, they read a passage, answered questions, named characters and location and identified if the passage was a problem or solution. 

Students performed basic addition for the Math challenge, described the life cycle of a plant and animal for Science and identified different local, state and national leaders and symbols for Social Studies.

“The event went very well and the kids did an outstanding job,” said Craig. “I would love to see the event include other campuses. My students are very competitive and it would be a great incentive if the bowl was bigger like the Special Olympics.”

Craig said her goal is to continue to push, motivate and challenge her students and keep them academically growing.

Beaumont ISD Board President Robert Dunn handed out trophies, certificates and prizes at the event while the students enjoyed pizza and ice cream cones to celebrate their success.