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First-Time Authors Enjoy a Fun Day at the Beach

Amelia Elementary first-time authors and illustrators celebrated their book “A Fun Day at the Beach” with a book-signing event on June 1, 2021.

Glenda McCray’s second graders had the opportunity to write and illustrate a class book, which was brought to life by Studentreasures Publishing.

McCray ordered a free kit, then chose a layout and format that worked best for her class. Students let their imaginations run wild and filled the kit pages with their writing and illustrations. Once the kit was completed, Studentreasures sent a free hardcover book to McCray, along with copies ordered by parents.

“Motivating students to write and illustrate during a pandemic was not easy,” said McCray. “However, once they got started and saw the finished product, they were bursting with excitement.”  

A book-signing event was held with ten newly published authors/illustrators taking turns reading the finished product to their classmates and family via Zoom. Parents and grandparents that purchased a copy had it signed by the authors. 

“Our parents and grandparents were so excited to hear that they had published authors and illustrators in their family,” said McCray. “They called, texted and emailed saying how proud they were of our scholars.”   

Photos were taken and gifts handed out to the authors, which included bags and school supplies courtesy of T-Mobile and the Southeast Texas Food Bank, a BISD Summer 40-Book Challenge activity packet, snacks and a free book of their choice. 

“I loved hearing comments like ‘this is the very best day ever’,” said McCray. “I am super proud of my eager students and their great accomplishment.”