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Celebrating the Class of 2021

Over the past few days in Beaumont ISD, we have had the privilege to rejoice and celebrate the more than 1,044 students who graduated! 

Congratulations, Class of 2021! Your hard work has earned you the title of BISD alumni! We hope that success continues to follow you in all that you do. Dream big, take yourself to new heights and be passionate about all that you do!  

While you prepare for your next journey, be it college, military or career, know that you are well equipped to do everything! Use this accomplishment to do more because Every Moment Matters More! While you rejoice in this achievement, here is a look back at all three graduations, Early College, West Brook and Beaumont United.

Enjoy what is ahead of you and best of luck!

Click here to see the Beaumont United Graduation highlight video.

Click here to see the Early College HS Graduation highlight video.

Click here to see the West Brook Graduation highlight video.