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Students Gear Up for Camp Read-a-Lot

First-graders in Jennifer Lindsey’s class at Regina-Howell Elementary wrapped up the school year participating in Camp Read-a-Lot.

With the 2020-21 school year presenting so many unique challenges, Lindsey wanted to end on a positive note by having themed days the last two weeks of school. “I knew I wanted the activities to be engaging, fun and educational,” she said. “When I saw a post about Camp Read-A-lot from another teacher on Instagram, I knew it was perfect for one of my theme days.” 

Each student received three books at their independent reading level and spent the first part of the morning reading in their tent. Then, they participated in a camp-themed math review and each student worked with their neighbor to manipulate the letters in the words ‘Camp Read-a-Lot’ to make new three, four and five letter words. 

After lunch they played camp BINGO, worked together on partner reading and completed a camp buddy book report which each group shared with the class. 

“Events like this are so important because not only do I want them to learn to read in first grade, but I also want them to learn to love reading,” said Lindsey. “Camp Read-a-lot allows students to experience having fun reading and that creates lifelong readers.” 

The day ended with a camp cookout with hot dogs and s’mores to take home to keep up their reading energy. Each student also got a certificate for completing Camp Read-a-Lot.