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Charlton-Pollard Kindergarten Student Hits Math Milestone

Aniayah Sonnier, a kindergarten student at Charlton Pollard Elementary, has reached a significant math milestone by completing all 2,500 puzzles in ST Math. 

ST Math is a PreK-8 visual instructional program that leverages the brain's innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve mathematical problems. ST Math is mastery-based, which means students must pass each level with a score of 100% (all puzzles correctly solved) before the next level in a sequence becomes available to them. Animated formative feedback offers an intrinsically motivating learning experience that shows students the mathematical consequences of each answer, helping to form and shape their understanding. 

Sonnier completed this goal during her school day by spending 20–30 minutes on the ST Math puzzles most days during the week. She averaged 95 minutes per week working on these puzzles and completed the entire program in four months. Sonnier's teacher, Casita Taylor, remarked on how laser-focused Sonnier was about learning and math.

"It is just good to see a kindergarten student so focused and goal-oriented as Aniayah is. She has already learned the value of hard work," said Taylor.

The ST Math program is non-verbal, so Taylor periodically looked at the objective and then looked at the puzzle to see what she was being asked to do. At the very end, when Sonnier reached the challenge puzzle, Taylor would help guide her thinking by asking "if-then" questions. The program made learning fun, which was Sonnier's sentiment.

"The thing I like most about ST Math is that learning looks like play," said Sonnier. "It was fun and easy, and I liked making it to the castle!"