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Parents and Partners Connect with the Superintendent

Beaumont ISD Superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen hosted two events that included an informational presentation on the District, conversation and a delicious meal. Parents and Hispanic stakeholders were invited to “Supper with the Superintendent” on September 19 and business partners and campus champions attended “Breakfast with the Superintendent” on September 20, 2022. 

At the events, Dr. Allen shared data on attendance and enrollment and discussed discipline, new programs, campus redesigns, teachers, safety, community partnerships, perception and more. She stressed how parents and community members can support students and allowed time for feedback and discussion. 

"Dr. Allen gave pertinent information on the current state of BISD,” said Austin Brinkley, district business partner with Texas Workforce Solutions. “I appreciated the time taken to keep us in the loop as part of a strong community partnership."


Through ThoughtExchange, participants were asked to share if they were a promoter of the District. Responses were overwhelmingly positive with parents saying they are pleased with their child’s education and want to do what is necessary to help. Business partners agreed, saying supporting the District will only help the city of Beaumont grow.


“We all have work to do and I like the fact that Beaumont ISD is willing to do it,” said Richard Green, district business partner with Raising Cane’s on Dowlen Road.


“I was very honored to meet the faces behind the District and to see everyone's attitude and willingness to partner,” said Career Center parent Christal Eve Maxwell. “I’m also excited to officially become a new partner in education.” 


"Dr. Allen presented herself as an approachable leader who is willing to listen to people's concerns, and trying to do the best for everyone involved in the District,” said Odom parent Elizabeth Tinetti. “It gives me peace to realize that we have someone who cares for BISD's current state as well as its future."


Dr. Allen reinforced that our schools are a reflection of our community. “We need to continue flooding out positive information,” she said. “Building up the city and the District will encourage more people to move here. That could mean more teachers to recruit and more opportunities for our students.”


Participants were encouraged to volunteer and get involved with ROAR, PACS and many other programs. To submit an application, visit


“We are constantly making adjustments and want to see every single student graduate from Beaumont ISD, equipped for the future,” said Dr. Allen.


Click here to see the event video.