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Vincent Mustangs Crime Stoppers Club Takes Home Texas Best Television Award

The Vincent Middle School Crime Stoppers Club, in partnership with Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas, has won the 2023 Texas Best Television Special Production/Public Service Announcement award. The prestigious honor was presented to them at the 28th Annual Texas Crime Stoppers Campus Conference, which took place on February 13, 2024, in Houston.

The partnership between the Vincent’s Crime Stoppers Club and the community Crime Stoppers showcases a deep commitment to promoting safety on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Principal Shyulanda Randle-Filer expressed her happiness and pride in winning an award with the local Community Crime Stoppers. She said, "This achievement demonstrates that we're successfully connecting with the community and working towards making Beaumont a better place to live."

This award is a testament to the excellent work being done at Vincent Middle School, not only in promoting academic success, but also in instilling a sense of civic responsibility in its students. Principal Randle-Filer emphasized the significance of this achievement in nurturing students to become active contributors to a safer and more vibrant society. "Vincent's students are learning to be a part of the solution. We're teaching our students to be productive citizens by learning to 'Say Something when you See Something,'" she added.

The winning production/public service announcement is a powerful tool in promoting awareness and encouraging community involvement in crime prevention efforts. Vincent Middle School and Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas are making significant strides in raising awareness and fostering a culture of vigilance and cooperation.

To view the winning TV production, visit: