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Young Hearts, Big Impact: Vincent Middle School’s Compassionate Efforts Support Local Animal Rescue

Vincent Middle School’s Bee Kind Club rallied together this spring to support local animal rescue, Sweetpups Rescue and Sanctuary. The club, known for its dedication to promoting kindness, embarked on a donation drive to aid the many inhabitants of Sweetpups in their quest for forever homes.

Under the guidance of their advisor, Vincent Middle School Student Wellness Coordinator Christina Ross, the Bee Kind Club members organized a donation collection effort securing bags of dog food, cozy blankets, pet toys, detergent and more. The students gathered an impressive array of supplies to enhance the lives of the rescue animals awaiting adoption.

“[Sweetpups] is doing something kind for the community,” emphasized Ross, “and maybe we can do something here to help.”

The highlight of the donation drive came when Sweetpups founder, Glenna Tucker, visited the Bee Kind Club on May 9, 2024 to receive the donated items.

Sweetpups resident, “Joan of Bark" or “Joanie,” accompanied Tucker while visiting the Bee Kind Club where Tucker shared, “Joanie’s story is a story of someone not being kind, but yet the end of her story, is someone being kind.”

The collection drive was a heartwarming display of kindness and community spirit shared between Sweetpups and the Bee Kind Club. Tucker expressed her gratitude for the Bee Kind Club's generosity, emphasizing the significant impact their contributions would have on Sweetpups' ability to care for and rehome animals in need. She commended the students for their dedication to making a positive difference in their community and encouraged them to continue spreading kindness wherever they go.

If you would like to learn more about the mission of Sweetpups Rescue and Sanctuary, as the Bee Kind Club learned, please visit