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Beaumont ISD Ranks in Top 10% of School Districts for Commitment to Whole-Child Education

Beaumont ISD’s unique approach to education, grounded in evidence and designed to equip students for real-world success, has been recognized with the prestigious annual EVERFI Empowered Seal.


Now in its fourth year, the EVERFI Empowered Seal is a designation awarded to public school districts that have demonstrated an exemplary commitment to comprehensive education strategies on topics such as financial literacy, health, and careers. This is the first time Beaumont ISD has been awarded the Empowered Seal.


Not only does the Empowered Seal recognize Beaumont ISD's national standing, but it also opens doors for districts to apply for the Empowered Seal grant. This year, six Empowered Seal districts will be chosen as winners, with each district’s preferred non-profit receiving a generous $1,000.


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