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Students Bring Their Parents to School at Brown

Students at the Paul Brown Learning Center recently brought their parents to school for a day.

Whether they could stay for a few hours or just stop by, parents were invited to go through a typical day with their students who guided them through the school and to their classes. “It was a great way for students to give a summary of what they are learning and to show off what they’re working on,” said Principal Paula Hood.

Parents also had the opportunity to talk with instructors, receive their student’s progress report and enjoy a catered lunch provided by faculty and staff. H-E-B Area Community Coordinator Annette Harmon-Edwards not only provided door prizes for the event, but also actively participated in class activities. “I really enjoyed the event. The principal took me on a tour of the campus and introduced me to her staff,” said Harmon-Edwards. “I was able to interact with students and even did some art work with the assistance of the teacher and students in that class.”

Having parents on campus was enjoyed by many. “I felt content with my dad coming to school because I knew that my teachers would put in a good word for me,” explained Michael White. Tia Law said it felt good to be able to show her parents the progress she has made.

Currently, 86 students are enrolled at the Brown Center which helps ensure they will be provided with individualized instruction in order to meet their needs.