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Blanchette Students are Out of this World

Blanchette Elementary students created a model of the solar system over Thanksgiving break. Third-graders were given instructions to create a 3D representation including the correct position from the sun and the length of days and years for each planet (as compared to Earth days and years).

Students used various materials such as Styrofoam and rubber balls, coat hangers, string, balloons and an assortment of other items. They were very excited to tell third-grade science teachers Michele Foster and Sebrina Dollar about how they made their project. "I learned about space, planets and that Pluto is a dwarf planet," said Cinqueria Davis.

The project was tied to STEM learning through science and technology that they use with STEMscopes curriculum. “We had some great projects and by utilizing STEM, our students have a much deeper understanding of the solar system,” said Dollar. “We are really proud of our students' creations.”