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Robots and Drones Inspire Students

The Jefferson County Sheriff Robotics Team visited Beaumont United High School to show students the influence that technology has on police work.

Going far beyond cell phones and gaming systems, robotics are a component of our daily lives. Teacher Marinette Parkerson said she believes students need to see how things learned in class can be applied to real life. “The presentation provided a great opportunity for hands on experience,” said Parkerson. “A student can learn more than just how to code with robotics; they gain skills in leadership, community involvement, communication and finding their passion.”

The deputies reinforced the rules of flying drones and driving robots, which can be used to find criminals, displayed robots with night vision and various types of tires for different terrains.

The creative and interactive presentations also encouraged teamwork and collaboration. Students were enlightened that they could possibly become a deputy or police officer working with robotics in their community. “This was an awesome learning experience for my class to actively engage with area professionals,” said Parkerson.