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JAG Helping Hands Serve Special Education Department

The Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) program at Beaumont United High School began the Helping Hands Project serving the special education department. Students assist with targeting reading intervention on Tuesdays and STEM and creative learning on Thursdays.

“My students were struggling with division after several attempts to break it down and I was running out of ideas,” said teacher Bobbie Williams. “With this program, JAG students worked one-on-one with my class and by the end of the hour, my students were loudly verbalizing the correct answers.”

Students find it rewarding to help their classmates reach their goals with the Helping Hands Project. “Many times we seek to serve the community and drive miles to assist, missing the opportunity to help those closest to us,” said JAG Specialist Shamine Cormier.

“This project guided me to broaden my impact when it comes to helping others and I have become attached to the students I work with,” said senior Dayja Johnson. “I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays because I get to make a memorable experience every time I am present.”

The Helping Hands Project is made possible with material support from art teacher Marcie Nesmith who donated paint, paper, markers and other items. JAG students collectively contributed over $200 for food, crafts and supplies and will assist with upcoming field trips and special events. “It is a privilege to give back to our student body population in this capacity,” said Cormier. “We look forward to continuing the Helping Hands Project until the end of the school year."