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Family Night Fosters Love for Reading

Regina-Howell hosted a family literacy night featuring the ROAR Literacy Bus, several authors, a walking dinosaur character, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas and more.

The event included grade-level stations, a scavenger hunt and book giveaways. Family challenges tied in the books “Young Orville and Wilbur Wright-First to Fly,” “Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride” and “Pop’s Bridge” with a STEM project. "We love it,” said parent Megan Hayhurst. ”The family challenge had us working together, and we are very into that.”

West Brook graduate and author of "The Inside Scoop: 5 Keys to Purposeful Partnerships that Passionately Educate Children” and "#BookPusher” Dr. Porchaneé A. White spoke with families and encouraged students to continue to develop as readers and writers. "I am excited that Regina-Howell understands the importance of promoting literacy,” said White. “It will open up doors of opportunity for their students."

Beaumont author Juanda Bryant shared her book "The Mini Adventures of Danny and the Deployer." "Number one is to build relationships with parents concerning reading,” said Bryant. “I know technology is the new way, but we can't shut away from books."

The event intends to promote parents to join their kids at school and see what they have been learning. “I was excited to see students leaving arm-in-arm with family members and free resources to encourage and develop young readers and writers at home,” said event organizer and Curriculum Coordinator Kathryn LeBlanc.