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Paul Brown Rolls Out VIP Celebration Station

Paul A. Brown Learning Center started off the year with new leadership and a new incentive for student success: a roped-off, red-carpeted celebration station, complete with a logoed backdrop.


“Our VIP area was designed in an effort to make the educational experience more fun and exciting for our students and staff,” said Principal Ray Lavan. “Given that Paul A. Brown Learning Center is a unique campus, we have the opportunity to be very innovative and wanted to provide a place for student, staff and visitor celebration.”


Students are recognized on the VIP red carpet for academic achievements, student of the week and more. The goal of the incentive is to provide an exclusive educational experience for students to feel supported, loved and important.  


“The students have responded to it in a great way, as well as the staff,” said Lavan. “Every student is a VIP when they are at Paul A. Brown Learning Center.”