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Development Begins on District Threat Assessment Team

Beaumont ISD is implementing a threat assessment team that will analyze student behavior and work to prevent possible violent events to enhance the safety of our campuses. The team will take an evidence-based approach toward identifying individuals who may pose a threat, intervening with appropriate resources and ultimately improving the safety and well-being of the individual of concern, and the school.


“The threat assessment team is not a replacement for the police department nor the contact during an emergency,” said Principal In-Residence Dr. Aaron Covington. “It is a tool that will be used to assess an individual who is exhibiting behavior that raises a concern about potential violence, and intervene and manage the threat to prevent harm where possible and to reduce the situation.”


Teams will consist of administrators, counselors, police officers and staff in technology, special education and communication disciplines.


“We are prepared to train our faculty to know the roles and steps required to complete an effective threat analysis,” said Covington. “We expect to have our team rolling out by November 1.”


The team aligns with the Senate Bill 11 requirement that states all school boards must establish a safe and supportive threat assessment team at each district campus.


“Our top priority is always the security of our staff and students,” said Covington. “Developing this team is an important tool in the continued safety of Beaumont ISD.”