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McDonald’s Serves Up Coffee with Teachers

Families have been mixing and mingling with their campus staff at “Coffee with Teachers” hosted by area McDonald’s. The event provides a casual atmosphere for parents to meet with their student’s teachers and administrators, and 20 percent of the night’s proceeds go back to the campus.


“McDonald’s is committed to education and making our community a better place. We are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with BISD and support the students and teachers throughout the school year,” said Marketing Coordinator Melanie Regan. “Our McFamily has enjoyed seeing the excitement from the schools and think that the fundraising events have been great! We are looking forward to strengthening the relationship with the schools to make each event more successful than the last.”


Amelia, Caldwood, Charlton-Pollard, Fletcher, Guess, Homer Drive and Martin hosted heavily-attended events.  “I felt honored that our families came to spend time with our magnificent teachers. It was a great time of food, fun and fellowship,” said Amelia Principal Yvonne DuPont. “It is imperative that our parents, staff and teachers work as a team, in collaboration with all stakeholders, for the success of all our students.”


Upcoming McTeacher Nights that run 5-7 p.m. include: 


October 9

Blanchette - 2990 W. Cardinal Drive


October 15

Jones-Clark - 5580 Hwy 105 at Eastex

Regina-Howell - 6380 Phelan Blvd


October 16

Curtis - 6380 Phelan Blvd

Smith MS - 5580 Hwy 105 at Eastex


October 21

Dishman - 910 South Major Drive

Fehl-Price - 190 IH-10 North at Laurel


October 22

Marshall MS - 6380 Phelan Blvd

Vincent MS - 910 South Major Drive

Pietzsch-MacArthur - 3050 MLK at Euclid


October 23

Odom Academy - 2990 W. Cardinal Drive