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West Brook Hosts Spanish Heritage Parent Night

West Brook High School is putting additional focus on the engagement of non-English speaking parents at their Spanish Heritage Parent Night.


“One of our campus goals is to provide a more welcoming and inviting campus to non-English speaking parents, and increase their participation in parent nights,” explained Valdez.


Valdez said these efforts are to keep Hispanic students and parents engaged on campus and to accommodate to any challenges that a language barrier may bring. The event included tours of the campus offices and College, Career and Military Readiness room and refreshments donated from Carmela’s. 


“While we continue to stress the importance of attendance, administrators understand that sometimes it’s not that a parent doesn’t care, they may not understand due to barriers than hinder them from participating in their student’s education,” said Valdez. “It is important to us to go the extra mile to let them know that we want them included and engaged at West Brook.