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Homecoming Unites High Schools

As many students are left with damaged homes after the flooding of Tropical Storm Imelda, West Brook and Beaumont United students are helping their recovering peers dress to impress at Homecoming. 


The first effort was spearheaded by West Brook cheerleaders Lauren Benton and Chesney Guidry who banded a group to spread the word, collect items and facilitate the event.


“It was truly an amazing thing and I am so proud of these students coming together out of genuine concern for their peers at both West Brook and Beaumont United,” said Student Activities Director Tisha Smith. “They didn't want any student to stress over not having something to wear for Homecoming.”


The students received an influx of dresses, shirts, shoes, men's clothing and more for students to look through, try on and take home--all for free. 


“Our students want to help in the best they could,” said Smith. “Being teenagers, they went with what they knew: making sure everyone felt great and having something for a social event.”


Homecoming for Beaumont United is October 25, so the remaining items from the first event, along with more donations, will be on display in the near future for those who still need the perfect outfit. 


Donations are being collected at the BISD Administration Building, 3395 Harrison Ave.