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Key Communicators Mentor Smith Students

Phalen Leadership Academies at Smith Middle School established a Key Communicators Program to mentor and encourage their scholars.

Key Communicator sessions are based on the District initiative that fosters the relationship between the local community members and the school. Monthly guest speakers at Smith are considered to be a mentor and they support the scholars through these small group sessions. The Smith Key Communicator Ambassador is Reverend Oveal Walker III.

October speaker Geary Seniguar discussed a variety of topics including bullying, grief, loss of a family member, confidence, determination and self-esteem. “I have four sons ages 19-24, so I can gear my topics to the middle school age group,” he said. “I talked about the need for a strong family foundation. Our community has a high percentage of single-parent households--having that foundation doesn’t have to be biological.”

Scholars are selected by their teacher or sponsor, but the leadership team can also refer students that will relate to the upcoming topic for that month.  

“These sessions allow them to connect with a pillar of their local community,” said Counselor Quinettie Andrus-Arceneaux. “This time offers more of a small group session to learn from them.”