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Child Guidance Students Receive Real World Experience

Taylor Career and Technology Center students in the child guidance program are training and gaining valuable experience with younger students each week. Students travel to Bingman Head Start, Amelia or Pietzsch-MacArthur to gain hands-on training by working with younger students.

 “I really enjoy working with kids and helping teachers,” said Beaumont United senior Monica Nieto. “I am learning tools that can be used to become a teacher, psychologist, nurse or any occupation that helps children.”

The child guidance program is designed to teach students the basics of early childhood education. Students obtain certification through Region 5 ESC allowing them to work as paraprofessionals in the classroom. Students are also dual enrolled with Lamar Institute of Technology at no cost. 

The class provides a background knowledge of child development principles and effective teaching practices. Students work under the joint direction and supervision of both the high school teacher and a primary teacher and are involved in observations and direct instruction. 

“I love the hands-on training,” said West Brook senior Asia Broussard. “The program not only helps me earn a certification, but it will open the door to more job opportunities and looks great on a resume.” 

“The thing that stands out about this class is just how much the students gain from the experience of working with young children,” said instructor Lori Boyett. “They learn things about themselves and take pride in the fact that they have helped a child learn something, no matter how small it seems,” said Boyett. “They see first hand just how much work it takes to be an effective early educator. They begin to view their teachers through a different lens because they appreciate the hard work they put into teaching.”