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JAG Budgets for the Future

Mobiloil Credit Union’s Business Development representative Sharita Gardner made two stops at Beaumont United High School to teach Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) about savings, budgeting and the differences between credit unions and banks to help prepare them for future financial decisions.

“The JAG students were on fire with the willingness to learn and absorb financial literacy,” said Gardner. “They were engaged and sincerely cared about their future after their high school journey. I enjoyed it and I feel they did as well.”

Students started with a budgeting exercise where they were given a monthly salary and manage their expenditures. “Ms. Gardner really opened our eyes on how if we start saving our money now we could have a safer financial future,” said Gabriella Torres. “Something that really caught my attention was paying ourselves first. It is important to put some money aside in savings for emergencies.” Students also learned about credit scores.

“It is important that students develop financial habits that will enable them to meet their goals,” said Gardner. “I like to be as honest as possible with them about my financial journey as a high school and college student. Hopefully this will facilitate trust and provoke thoughts leading to a path that breaks generational cycles in the unawareness of financial wellness.”