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Students Rewarded with Lamar Basketball

Students celebrated their successes and cheered on Cardinal Basketball at the Lamar University Education Game. Based off of AR points, attendance, behavior and other criteria, a trip to the game was an incentive to reward students. 

“We are so thankful for this partnership with Lamar University athletics which allows us to reward our students for their hard work,” said Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education Dr. Anita Frank. 

After the team’s big win, players and Lamar mascot Big Red went into the stands and gave out high fives and hugs to students.

“It’s wonderful to have them in the college environment and give them the opportunity to interact with these students,” said Frank. “On top of being an exciting and fun event, it sets an example for what could be a possibility for them in the future, and exposes them to the college setting.”

A second group of students will be attending an upcoming Lady Cardinals game.