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BU Twirlers Head to State

The Beaumont United High School twirling team is heading to state after receiving seven superior ratings at the UIL Region 10 Twirling competition.

The team, better known as the Dynamic Step Majorettes, consists of 11 young ladies from ninth to 12th grade. This is their second year to participate in the regional competition. 

“I'm extremely proud of my line,” said director Brittany Guillory. “The growth of my beginning freshmen who had no previous training until they joined my upperclassmen who have shown growth with dedication.” 

Out of five competing entries, the team scored superior and excellent ratings on four. Congratulations to the following team members:


Superior Solo

Junior Tatiana Sanders

Sophomore Keelie Compton


Superior Acrobatic Group

Freshman Valyncia Broussard

Freshman Titiana Grant 

Freshman Jacqueline Arellano 

Sophomore Keelie Compton 

Junior Tatiana Sanders 


On the same day of the twirling competition, the majorettes joined the Beaumont United band that night to compete at the UIL Regional 10 Marching Band competition. As a unified organization, they scored an excellent rating.

“This dynamic group of young ladies are versatile and creative. Not only do they twirl but they also exhibit precision in color guard,” said Guillory.