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Lamar Hits the Dance Floor at Odom

Odom Academy dancers are gaining extra experience this year due to a new partnership with the Lamar University Department of Theatre and Dance. Students are studying musical theatre with dance instructor Lou Arrington and social/ballroom dancing from Department Chair Golden Wright. 

The goal is to introduce different styles of dance. “We want to show students the aspect of the dance world where we must learn from different instructors and what their teaching styles are for each genre of dance,” said Odom dance teacher Tamieka Patterson. 

Wright wants to broaden students’ view of dance to show them that dance is a viable field of study and it can be pursued as a successful career. “Too often dance is ballet, tap or jazz,” said Wright. “In social/ballroom, I am showing students the importance of dancing with another individual in a respectful and fun way. In a time where much of our interaction takes place in a digital medium, we need to find fun and meaningful ways to interact with one another.”