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Education First Assists Teachers Affected by Imelda

Education First Federal Credit Union (EFFCU) partnered with 12News and The Beaumont Enterprise to create the Imelda Educators Relief Fund which received donations of more than $8,200, thanks to the support of their members, partners and the community. Over $2,200 was allocated for BISD educators.

Twenty-eight teachers from Beaumont United, Fehl-Price Classical Academy, Martin and Pietzsch-MacArthur submitted a request for help in replacing basic supplies when their classrooms flooded as a result of the storm.

Fehl-Price kindergarten teacher Marida Chaison-Joubert said that many of her classroom supplies are low or on the ground so scholars can reach them. “We lost paper, pencils and our interactive journals, so for Education First to replace some of those items was a blessing as well as a burden lifted,” said Chaison-Joubert. “The scholars were so happy when they delivered them. It was like Christmas.” 

Beaumont United Special Education-Inclusion teacher Cathy Hamilton also had many supplies lost in the storm. “As a teacher, it is hard to start all over and replace the supplies you had before Imelda. I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity shown to the schools that were affected by the storm,” said Hamilton.

EFFCU Community Relations Director Carrie Haskett delivered supplies to over 70 teachers who requested assistance across Southeast Texas. “As a credit union founded by teachers over 67 years ago, Education First remains committed to supporting education in the local community through a variety of ways,” said Haskett. “To be able to give back to the community through the fund, and to do it in a way that honors our founders is especially meaningful to us.”