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Beaumont FFA Excels at Leadership Competition

Agricultural Education students competed in the Ricebelt District Leadership Development Event (LDE) Competition. Beaumont United, West Brook and Vincent members of the Beaumont FFA won two fourth-place victories in Senior Skills Demonstration and Public Relations, along with various other awards. 

Ag Farm teacher Stephanie Hoppe said LDE'S are an integral part of FFA, promoting leadership and public speaking skills in all student competitions. “It is incredibly difficult to place in the top 10 since many FFA chapters have been competing in this event for years with established scripts and topics that they have mastered,” said Hoppe. “This is only the second year for Beaumont FFA to compete and we started from scratch.” 

“I am very proud to say that our students did exceptionally well, especially since it was the first time for many who stepped way out of their comfort zone,” said Hoppe. “From after school practices to writing scripts to building props for presentations, it is a ton of work for our teachers and students.”

Results include:

Fourth Place

Public Relations - West Brook - Dylan Diaz, Annabelle Benton and Colt Gerald

Senior Skills - West Brook - Mattie Nowell, Serena Thibideaux and Lindsey Victorian

Sixth Place

Ag Advocacy - Beaumont United - Mark Anthony, Lefrance Benjamin, Kyla Collins and Davion Joseph

10th Place

Senior Creed Speaking - West Brook - Kelly Velazquez

11th Place

Senior Quiz - West Brook - Annabelle Benton, Karissa Bertrand and Gabriela Hernandez and Beaumont United - Maryssa Moreaux

Junior (Greenhand) Quiz - Vincent - Emilio Alegre, Brandon Sanchez and Kaylen Vaughns

13th Place

Job Interview - West Brook - Hannah Courville