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Experiencing Sights and Sounds at a Unique Petting Zoo

Lamar University (LU) Tau Beta Sigma teamed up with the LU music program to offer a unique take on a petting zoo at Pietzsch-MacArthur. About 50 students in the ACE program were able to touch, feel and hear different musical instruments. This opportunity is being offered through LU’s Students Occupationally and Academically Ready (SOAR) program and partnered NEST campuses which also include Blanchette and Charlton-Pollard. 

“As part of our continued partnership with Lamar University, it is our goal to bring different experiences to our students,” said Assistant Principal Vanessa Bennett. “Fine arts is such a great way for students to express themselves.”

Pietzsch-MacArthur plans to start their first fifth-grade band and the petting zoo was a way to introduce campus scholars to musical instruments that many have never heard of before.  

“Each NEST serves as a learning oasis for students of the Beaumont area,” said LU Drum Major and SOAR Executive Board member Melissa Ehrlich. “The sisters of Tau Beta Sigma National Band Sorority helped continue this love for education by exposing students to different instruments and thus exposing them to the world of music education.”