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Crunching Nachos and Numbers at Jones-Clark

It wasn’t a typical family math night at Phalen Leadership Academies at Jones-Clark Elementary. Administrators took it up a level with Nachos and Numbers, an evening full of fun, interactive math activities for families to do together, along with delicious food.

“The goal was to provide an opportunity for parents to experience hands-on math activities and learn ways to help their scholar at home,” said Assistant Principal Karolarnica Adams.

With content workshops designed to show students daily work, the event offered different stations for families to visit and see what they can do at home using everyday items. 

For example, parents of third graders struggling with division learned how they could teach equal groups division with remainders using paper cups and a bag of beans and practice math facts using a deck of cards. For fourth and fifth-graders that are working in fractions, multiplication charts can be used to show how to find equivalent fractions.

“Parents were engaged and enjoyed the stations addressing our mathematics curriculum,” said Adams. “Some attendees won activities to use for family math nights at home.”