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NEST Campuses Delve Into Native American Culture

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, guest Native American Storyteller Amy Bluemel shared traditional tales and customs to students at Pietzsch MacArthur, Blanchette and Charlton-Pollard Elementaries. 

Bluemel is a registered member of the Chickasaw Nation and a member of the Chickasaw dance troupe Chikahsha Hithla. She shared about Native culture, clothing, language, dance and more. Students also engaged in Bluemel’s interactive stories and learned how they apply to life.

The goal of the presentation, hosted by the Lamar University Office of Global Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, is to recognize diversity and provide cross-cultural interaction. 

“We are excited that our students are getting to learn a little taste of Native American culture,” said Pietzsch MacArthur Principal Audrey Collins. “Thank you to Lamar University for making this possible for our students.”