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Curtis Students Showcase their Business

Fourth graders at Curtis Elementary developed and showcased their entrepreneurship at the annual business fair. The event encourages students to show what they are capable of inventing, such as bakeries, pet grooming, dance studios and gaming.                                   

“This is the third year for students to participate in a business fair,” explained teacher Sarah Falgout. “They choose a product or service and develop a business plan based on their choice, which includes a tri-fold display and an oral presentation.” 

Classmates, school and community members have the opportunity to visit the businesses set up in the cafeteria. Students dress in business attire and promote their concepts.

“A marketing strategy must be incorporated like flyers, business cards, pamphlets or samples,” said Falgout. “They also had to create a logo and slogan.”

Participants served as customers, getting to see a variety of products and businesses. “It was fun to show off my karate school,” said student Shane Berryhill. “I liked sharing my idea and hope to really open a studio when I grow up.” 

“We had a very positive response from many of the visitors,” said Falgout. “As teachers, we are so proud of the children and the products they created.”