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Student Leaders Meet with Superintendent

Dr. Shannon Allen hosted a breakfast with the newly-formed Superintendent's Student Leadership Council in order to develop up close relationships and receive feedback from the student population.

The group consists of student leaders from every high school, middle school and Paul Brown Learning Center. They were given opportunities to get to know one another, share thoughts from their own campus perspective and brainstorm ideas for attendance initiatives and how to improve the district overall.

“I think it is so important to have a student’s perspective on the things we are doing in the district,” said Allen. “After all, the work we are doing every day is all for them and their elementary successors.”

“You may have heard of a similar group before, but I wanted to take that idea and make it my own,” said Allen. “We will be working together to make the improvements they would like to see in their schools. It is also my hope that they take what they learn in these sessions back to their peers and implement ideas on their own campuses.”