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Giving Five at Blanchette

Blanchette Elementary is encouraging students to continue improving test taking abilities with the “Give Me Five” initiative.

At a recent administrator meeting, Secondary Mathematics Supervisor Elizabeth Whitley talked to principals about using “Give Me Five” to get the growth measure on STAAR. “Give Me Five” helps set goals that students can reach each nine weeks in reading, math, science and social studies. 

Principal April Johnston and Curriculum Coordinator Jackie Wiltz embraced the concept and put “Give Me Five” into action right away. “One of the most powerful elements of feedback for our learners is to praise them for their efforts and that they have the power to improve their academic success,” said Wiltz. “Our students know with the ‘Give Me Five’ initiative that even if they did not pass, they can still show growth. We are all learners, and should be encouraged.”

“For many students in third through eighth grade, five correct responses ensures they get one point for growth,” said Whitley. “if you continually up the growth, the students will get the achievement score.”  

Students are being recognized for their hard work on the “Focus on the Goal” wall display. Johnston reminds them to “give her five” daily on the morning announcements and has students do a chant in their Monday morning assembly to encourage and excite them. 

“Kudos to Blanchette for their push on STAAR growth.” said Whitley. “‘Give Me Five’ is a great way to motivate students to improve five questions on every test they take.”